The Green Fairy Cocktail Recipe

AbsintheGreen FairyIt is not a secret that ‘Green Fairy’ is another very well-spread and frequently used name for the absinthe liquor. When hearing those two words many imagine an attractive girl in a stylized green outfit with beautiful airy wings or a mystery half-transparent ghost haunting behind a confirmed absinthe drinker’s back or rather a bottle of the liquor itself. However, did you know, that the same name also stands for an absinthe cocktail?

This very article is dedicated to the ‘Green Fairy Cocktail’ preparation instructions, and the information provided in it will enrich your absinthe drinks recipe potential as well as vary your drinking-party life.

The needed ingredients are the following:

  • absinthe (2 ounces),
  • GET 27 liquor (1 ounce),
  • lemon juice (1 splash),
  • sugar (0.5 teaspoon - optional),
  • ice cubes (5 to 7 pieces),
  • lemon slice or lemon peel.

GET 27Also prepare a well-chilled martini glass for the drink to be served in.

First of all fill your cocktail shaker with ice. Then pour the absinthe and the GET 27 liquor, the latter will give the drink a pleasant bright mint flavor; add the lemon juice. Depending on your personal taste and preferences you may or may not want to add the granulated sugar. It is optional.

Now shake the liquid energetically. Will the ‘Green Fairy’ wake up or not depends solely on the quality of your performance. In fact you do need to shatter her peace and quiet; otherwise the cocktail will not be so good.

After that, pour the derived mix into a properly chilled martini glass. The ‘Fairy’ needs some garnishing – that is for sure! Float a thin lemon slice into the cocktail in order to make her even more appealing. Alternatively, drop a twisted lemon peel into the glass. Now the ‘Green Fairy’ is all made up and ready for a date with you! Have fun!

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