Recipe: Absinthe Minded Martini Drink

Martini GlassWhen asked what my favorite absinthe cocktail is, I always say: “Absinthe Minded”. However, it happened to me not even once that people got really puzzled after they had heard my reply, especially those who are not great absinthe drinkers, because my European accent disguises the first word a bit, so they naturally hear ‘absent minded’ and think I am a weirdo :)

It is a genuinely delicious drink good either for a noisy party with lots of friends or a calm evening in complete solitude. One enjoys it at whatever time of the day and in whatever mood or weather.

Thus, in order to prepare the famous Martini cocktail ‘Absinthe Minded’ you need the following ingredients:

  • Grand Marnier (0.5 ounce),
  • gin (3 ounces),
  • dry vermouth (0.5 ounce),
  • absinthe (0.5 ounce),
  • orange peel,
  • ice cubes (3-5 cubes),
  • onion-stuffed olive (1-2 pieces).

cointreauAs for vessels, make sure you have got a properly chilled cocktail glass and a regular glass at your disposal. Now put three to five ice cubes into the second one, add gin and the chosen brand of absinthe, stir the mix thoroughly, and leave it alone for a couple minutes.

After that pour dry vermouth into your cocktail glass, swirl the vessel rapidly and get rid of the excess of the liquor. If you are preparing couple of drinks at a time, you can just use the vermouth for making another one or two. Or, as I personally often do, just have it as an appetizer before the ‘Green Fairy’ cocktail.

Then pour in the contents of the first glass and float the Grand Marnier on the top of the drink. Use the orange peel in order to garnish the glass. Drop one or two onion-stuffed olives to give the cocktail a little piquancy.

The drink is all set! Go ahead and enjoy it! Warning: too many of those get one really ‘absent minded’, so be careful in measuring your perfect dose.

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