Recipe: Absinthe Martini

In the beginning of the 20th century France was overwhelmed by the fashion for the so-called ‘American-style’ cocktails. Therefore Europeans not only consumed the already existing shakes, but also invented those of their own. This one is a classic example of the early ‘American-style’ European cocktails.

GinDry VermouthAbsinthe amateurs claim the ‘Green Fairy’ and vermouth blend perfectly due to the fact that they are both produced from the same herb – wormwood (or Artemisia Absinthium in Latin). However, one shouldn’t expect to experience the same ‘buzz’ from drinking dry vermouth, because the two alcoholic beverages are made not exactly from the same material. Absinthe is produced from the whole wormwood plant plus some other herbs, and vermouth – only from the wormwood flowers. Moreover, it contains less Thujone than the ‘Green Muse’, which explains the difference in the effect both create.

Alright, that is enough of the theory; let’s get down to the practice. In order to prepare the cocktail, one needs:

  • gin (two ounces),
  • dry vermouth (half ounce),
  • absinthe (one splash),
  • ice (three to five cubes).

First of all, pour gin and vermouth into the cocktail shaker, add the ice and mix them thoroughly. Then pour absinthe into a pre-chilled either cocktail or martini glass. Swirl it around and afterwards strain the derived martini into the same vessel.

absinthe MartiniIt is a good idea to garnish the drink with a slice of lemon as well as an onion-stuffed olive, since it gives a pleasant piquancy to the mix of the flavors. Now it is ready for the tasting. However, don’t let the first sip of the bitter mixture spoil your impression! Drink it slowly and maybe after a couple of those you will not really care about your drink being bitter and genuinely enjoy the alcohol getting you high.

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