Famous Absinthe Cocktail: Sazerac

Sazerac CocktailThe roots of this famous cocktail go far back to the early 19th century, and New Orleans is claimed to be its birthplace. Funny it is, but it was invented as a remedy for the tropical malaise. Actually, many believe that ‘Sazerac’ is the first cocktail ever made. And it is you, who gonna learn how to mix it today.

The name of the drink derives from the brand-name of the cognac, originally used for the preparation, which was ‘Sazerac-de-Forge’. However, you will never find it nowadays – it only became a part of the history – so you have to substitute it with another cognac brand. Rye whiskey works well for that.

Thus, you need:

  • absinthe (1.5 ounces),
  • Rye whiskey (2 ounces),
  • Herbsaint (few drops),
  • Peychaud’s Bitters (few drops),
  • sugar (1 cube),
  • crashed ice (one 3.5 ounces glass – optional),
  • ice (2-3 cubes).

As for equipment just prepare two heavy-bottomed 3.5 ounces bar glasses and a regular spoon.

In order to follow the original procedure, put the crashed ice into one of those glasses and leave it to chill. The alternative for that is just to place the vessel into your freezer.

Now put a sugar cube into the other glass and splash a couple drops of water over it to moisten the sugar, and break the lump with a spoon. Then pour the whiskey into the same glass, add a couple drops of Peychaud’s bitters and a few ice cubes, and stir everything well.

After that empty the first glass (or just take it out of the freezer), splash a couple drops of Herbsaint into it and pour the absinthe. Making sure that you will not spilt the drink all over, twirl the glass rapidly. Now it is time to add the contents of the other glass into the one with the ‘Green Fairy’.

You can garnish the glass with a twisted lemon peel, but it is important not to dip it into the liquid, because it will disguise the original taste of the cocktail.


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