Cocktail: Absinthe Frappé

Absinthe FrappeDo you have any idea what instigated the absinthe prohibition in the United States? The answer is ‘Absinthe Frappé’ – one of the most popular American absinthe cocktails. In 1904 the famous Victor Herbert wrote the Broadway operetta “It happened in Nordland”, which contained a song about absinthe as well as called in the honor of it, written by Glenn MacDonough. The song became scandalously popular, and was played in almost every absinthe bar all over the country. Thus, it speeded up the introduction of the absinthe ban in the US on July 25, 1912.

Before starting the preparation of the renowned cocktail, make sure you have got at your disposal the following:

  • absinthe (2 ounces),
  • anisette (one splash),
  • mineral water (2 ounces),
  • simple sugar syrup (1 table spoon),
  • crashed ice (full cocktail glass).

Crashed IceTo prepare the syrup you need to boil 1 pint of water, then remove it from the heat and thoroughly dissolve 1 pound of sugar in it. It is ready to be used as soon as cools down. Confirmed absintheurs could take the advantage of preparing more of the simple sugar syrup than needed and keep it bottled for the Future, since it is a perfect substitute for granulated sugar and cubes.

Put all the ingredients but ice into the cocktail shaker and mix energetically. Pour the derived into a tall cocktail glass filled with crashed ice and stir the drink carefully. It is possible to manage without the sugar syrup; however it moderates the taste of the two alcoholic ingredients and makes it more delicious.

The cocktail can be garnished with fresh mint leaves in order for it to look even more calling, and should be served with straws.

Enjoy your night! And do not forget to come back for more absinthe drinks recipes!

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