Absinthe: How to Make It

Wormwood HerbYou don’t trust all those absinthe manufactures and would like to generate the unique ‘Green Fairy’ right in the cozy surroundings of your own kitchen? Now problem! Following are the recipe and directions to aid you in your courageous gust.

First of all, you need to add some unusual items on your shopping list:

  • dried chopped wormwood (one ounce),
  • angelica root (one tablespoon),
  • hyssop (one teaspoon),
  • coriander seeds (half teaspoon),
  • caraway seeds (quarter teaspoon),
  • cardamon pods (one pinch),
  • fennel or anise seeds (one pinch),
  • vodka (one liter).

The last item is probably not so much uncommon for you to have at home, so you can just extract it from the secret place where it has been kept for the state of emergency.

The equipment you need is a glass container, a still and a coffee filter or a cheese cloth for straining away the wetted herbs. As soon as all the ingredients on the list are ticked and you got the ‘technical support’, you can proceed to making your own absinthe. Excited? Oh yeah!

Pour the vodka into the glass vessel you have prepared, put the wormwood inside. By the way some modern home-made absinthe kits have Artemisia Absinthium (or just wormwood) packed into neat little cotton bags which serves much to your convenience since you can put the herb into the spirit together with it, later on it will ease the straining process. Cover the container and leave the liquid in the dark for 10 to 14 days.

When the maceration is done, you need to separate the wetted herb from the extract. If you are not lucky enough to have the special cotton package, you can do it with the aid of either the coffee filter or the cheese cloth. Whenever you have finished with that the liquid should be distilled. Actually, you can skip this process, but if the true absinthe is something you are longing to, don’t neglect it.

Either you have executed the previous step or have omitted it, now all the other herbs on the list should be added to flavor the spirit. Wait for four more days, strain the herbs out and voila – your ‘Green Fairy’ is waiting for you to take her! Cheers!

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