Absinthe Drink Recipe: Earthquake

Henr de Toulouse-LautrecThe original name of the drink is ‘Tremblement de Terre’ which in French means ‘Earthquake’. It was invented by a renowned painter and a passionate absinthe drinker Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and, as many say, was probably drunk by him only.

It is an extremely strong drink, since the only two ingredients are:

  • absinthe (half),
  • cognac (half).

As for the dose, it depends on your preferences, mood as well as on striving to get extraordinarily drunk. The main point here is to have the liquors in proportion 50% to 50%.

Pour absinthe and cognac into a brandy snifter and stir the mix carefully. It could be a good idea to use lower alcohol beverages, since the cocktail is so strong that can even provoke scattershot eye-tearing. However, if you are going to evoke compassion in your ex-girlfriend and beg her back, this drink could really help you to get an unearthly sorrowful and suffering look and have the red eyes and tears needed.

Three to five ice-cubes and maybe a splash of water could be a favorable addition.

absintheAnother way of serving this cocktail is the same one of the ‘Classic French Absinthe Ritual’. In this case the mix is served in the traditional absinthe glass. The slotted spoon with a sugar cube is placed on the top of it. A little bit of ice-cold water is poured slowly over the sugar; it starts melting and dripping into the liquor. As many believe, this way of serving the cocktail is makes it much more drinkable.

No matter what way you decide to serve the cocktail, make sure you sip slowly the mix almost burning with alcohol. Enjoy it, but do not get much too fond of the Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s ‘Earthquake’, since the painter became quite an infamous person. Some people say, it was the excessive absinthe consumption that contributed to his ill fame.

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