Absinthe Cocktail: Death in the Afternoon

ChampagneErnest HemingwayTo those who are fond of Ernest Hemingway’s writings know “Death in the afternoon” as a classic work on the art of bullfighting. However, absinthe drinkers, even if ignorant of Hemingway’s literary heritage, will definitely recognize it as the name of the cocktail he contributed to the 1935 collection of celebrity recipes, called “So red the nose, or breath in the afternoon”.

The genius mixture of the ingredients and the effect the drink produces won it great popularity. Today is the day you gonna learn how to prepare it and enjoy the same cocktail the renowned Ernest Hemingway loved so much.

What you need is as follows:

  • absinthe (1 ounce),
  • ice-cold champagne (5 ounce).

It is better to use some lighter absinthe since the champagne bubbles enhance the usual ‘buzz’ produced by the ‘Green Fairy’. However, many believe that “Death in the afternoon” is a genuine men’s drink, so you, tough guys, can proceed with whatever absinthe you have got at your disposal.

Champagne GlassIn case you desire to get an exact ‘replica’ of the famous writer’s drink you need to search your cupboard for a champagne glass, dust it, blow at it and polish. Here we go! You can make the cocktail now.

First, introduce the ‘Green Fairy’ into the glass. Then slowly pour inside the chilled champagne until the drink obtains the milky opalescent color. All set! Just smell it – the bubbles bring the absinthe flavor right into your nose, and as you try it – to your tongue. It has quite a peculiar taste, a delicious one. However, be aware that the cocktail is strong, so sip it slowly, and savor it. Hemingway himself advised to ‘drink three to five of these’.

Well, who knows, maybe after that amount you will be capable of writing some literature piece yourself? Maybe the ‘Green Muse’ will inspire you to follow the Ernest Hemingway’s footsteps? Good luck!

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