Absinthe Cocktail: Bloody Brain

BaileysIs not it a promising name for a cocktail, containing absinthe? Indeed, it is. Though the ‘Bloody Brain’ thing stands solely for the outstanding look the drink has. Many believe it to be an awesome way to serve absinthe shots and I personally share this opinion.

To tell the truth, the preparation of the cocktail requires a great deal of patience and neatness, since it is not one of those mix-everything-together things so fast and easy, giving job to your cocktail shaker only. Nevertheless, take your time to do everything right and you will not regret the award in the form of a perfect look and taste of your absinthe shot.

Now go search your home bar, for we need the following ingredients in order to make the ‘Bloody Brain’:

  • absinthe (1 ounce),
  • amaretto (half ounce),
  • Bailey’s or other Irish cream liquor (half ounce),
  • grenadine (couple drops).

Bloody Brain CocktailTo get started, produce a clean large shot from the cupboard or wherever you keep those in.

Strain amaretto into the vessel. Now the hard part: use the back of the teaspoon for pouring absinthe into the shot, letting it down the inside of it. Your task is to layer the liquor on the top of amaretto without mixing them.

All done? Good job! The next (though neither the last nor the easiest) thing to do is to pour slowly and carefully the Bailey’s on the top of the absinthe. Use the teaspoon again. The Irish cream liquor should make a curl all the way down to the amaretto as well as be layered on the top.

After that sprinkle a couple drops of grenadine on the top of the Bailey’s. You can do the same for garnishing the little tray on which you gonna serve the shots.

That is it! Looks delicious to me! They say the best way to consume the shot is to choke it in one gulp. It warms you up and gives you a party mood. The more you have the merrier the life is! Enjoy it!

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