Absinthe on the Silver Screen

AlfieAlfie (2004)

Director: Charles Shyer
Genre: Romantic Comedy
The main character is a chauffeur called Alfie (Jude Law), who devoted his life to seducing women with the help of his charming British accent and perfect body. In the movie he is being enticed himself by a woman (Susan Sarandon). The believed aphrodisiac effect is played up as her weapon.

Black BooksBlack Books (2000-2004)

Director: Dylan Moran
Genre: Comedy
Bernard Black scorns customers, in particular those who are fond of reading and like to buy books. Nevertheless, he has his own bookshop. Other characters in the movie are Fran – Bernard’s best friend, and Manny – a guy, working for Bernard in the book store. In ‘The Big Lockout’ episode of the series Manny gets locked up in the store and drinks a whole bottle of absinthe for there is no water available.

Bright Young ThingsBright Young Things (2003)

Director: Stephen Fry
Genre: Comedy/ Drama
The events take place in the 1930’s in London. The main characters are a young novelist and his lover. A company of bored young ‘party animals’ spend their time chilling out, consuming absinthe and getting self-obsessed.

Absinthe – Back to the USA

Lucid LogoIn 1910 in the USA, like in many other countries, absinthe was banned for the believed health dangers. It was stated that thujone (a substance contained in Artemisia Absinthium or wormwood – the main ingredient in the absinthe production) causes serious mental disorders and poses a formidable threat to the nation’s health. The liquor was even proclaimed ‘one of the worst enemies of man’. Thus, the ‘Green Fairy’ became an outcast at American parties.

And Wow! At the end of 2007, almost after a hundred years of prohibition, absinthe was back to the American liquor market. The pioneer wormwood liquor brand is ‘Lucid’, which is imported directly from France by the New York-based company ‘Viridian Spirits’. The importer claims it to be the same old-time absinthe, drunk by Vincent Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde, produced from wormwood, anise and fennel according to the early recipes.

However, one should be wondering: How come exactly the same once banned alcoholic drink becomes legal again? That is a fair question. Ladies and gentlemen, the gist of the story of absinthe prohibition is in thujone – the chemical contained in the liquor and responsible for the negative side effects of absinthe consumption.

The Green Fairy Cocktail Recipe

AbsintheGreen FairyIt is not a secret that ‘Green Fairy’ is another very well-spread and frequently used name for the absinthe liquor. When hearing those two words many imagine an attractive girl in a stylized green outfit with beautiful airy wings or a mystery half-transparent ghost haunting behind a confirmed absinthe drinker’s back or rather a bottle of the liquor itself. However, did you know, that the same name also stands for an absinthe cocktail?

This very article is dedicated to the ‘Green Fairy Cocktail’ preparation instructions, and the information provided in it will enrich your absinthe drinks recipe potential as well as vary your drinking-party life.

The needed ingredients are the following:

  • absinthe (2 ounces),
  • GET 27 liquor (1 ounce),
  • lemon juice (1 splash),
  • sugar (0.5 teaspoon - optional),
  • ice cubes (5 to 7 pieces),
  • lemon slice or lemon peel.

Absinthe Drink Recipe: Earthquake

Henr de Toulouse-LautrecThe original name of the drink is ‘Tremblement de Terre’ which in French means ‘Earthquake’. It was invented by a renowned painter and a passionate absinthe drinker Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and, as many say, was probably drunk by him only.

It is an extremely strong drink, since the only two ingredients are:

  • absinthe (half),
  • cognac (half).

Recipe: Absinthe Minded Martini Drink

Martini GlassWhen asked what my favorite absinthe cocktail is, I always say: “Absinthe Minded”. However, it happened to me not even once that people got really puzzled after they had heard my reply, especially those who are not great absinthe drinkers, because my European accent disguises the first word a bit, so they naturally hear ‘absent minded’ and think I am a weirdo :)

It is a genuinely delicious drink good either for a noisy party with lots of friends or a calm evening in complete solitude. One enjoys it at whatever time of the day and in whatever mood or weather.

Thus, in order to prepare the famous Martini cocktail ‘Absinthe Minded’ you need the following ingredients:

  • Grand Marnier (0.5 ounce),
  • gin (3 ounces),
  • dry vermouth (0.5 ounce),
  • absinthe (0.5 ounce),
  • orange peel,
  • ice cubes (3-5 cubes),
  • onion-stuffed olive (1-2 pieces).

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